Insect and Disease

emerald ash borer                        maple tar spot

Common Tree Problems In Michigan

We can diagnose and treat your trees and shrubs for many problems

Below is a list of common pests here in Michigan


Disease                                                                      Insects

Oak Wilt                                                                     Spruce Gall

Needle Cast                                                               Spider Mites

Cytospora Canker                                                      Aphids

Diplodia                                                                      Bronze Birch Borer

Apple Scab                                                                 European Pine Sawfly

Anthracnose                                                              Leaf Miner

Dutch Elm disease                                                    Emerald Ash Borer

Powdery Mildew                                                        Eastern Tent Caterpillar

Maple Leaf Tar Spot                                                  Scale Insects

Verticillium Wilt                                                          Magnolia Scale


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